Free Hearing Aids For Children

I want to supply free hearing aids to children who cannot afford them.


25 years ago, I was in a car accident. I died! I didn’t die right away though, I died about 90 minutes after the accident no maybe a little more.I was lucky you see the car behind me had a doctor in it. And they saw the accident right in front of them. And they stopped! And the doctor got out and he ran to the car. And he found a patient dying in the back of the car. 
I was the patient, and he was my father. 

My Dad stayed with me for 90 minutes and when the ambulance got there he went home. He told me later that he went home because he knew hoe, where and why I died. When I got to the hospital. I died! Right there   in  the  emergency  room  of the  hospital . 

Something spoke to me while I was not in my body and I felt at such complete peace and harmony and I had to listen,and the voice told me it was GOD and he had work for me to do and that I couldn’t die today. And I had to get back into my body. That I had to fight for my life!
I asked what work do you want me to do? 
He said “you’ll know when you’re  doing  it .”

I feel that this is the word I’m supposed to be doing.

I want to provide free hearing aids to children who cannot buy them. Working directly withy the manufacturer I have optained price which will make hearing aids avaible to people without funds.
I want to raise $50,000 so I can provide hearing aids to 1000 people at no cost to them.
I have a web site where people can buy hearing aids and have them shipped to the child who needs them.
Your investment of $25.00 will peovide 1 hearing aid for i child. I will work with UNICEF and UNESCO to identify candidates and distribution,
I will have sponsorship arrangements  in place to provide shipping assistance .
children with hearing problems of our most likely to have lower grades, not be accepted by their peers, shunned. These children have a substantially lower success rate in life children with good hearing. I do not have the money or the resources are the insurance to get hearing aids. currently the prices for hearing aids 

Hearing loss isolates children and contributes to depression.

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The Prevalence and Incidence of Hearing Loss in Children

The number of Americans with a hearing loss has evidentially doubled during the past 30 years. Data gleaned from Federal surveys illustrate the following trend of prevalence for individuals aged three years or older: 13.2 million (1971), 14.2 million (1977), 20.3 million (1991), and 24.2 million (1993) (1, 2). An independent researcher estimates that 28.6 million Americans had an auditory disorder in 2000 (3). This estimate is reasonably well within projections from the 1971–1993 trend line that evolved from Federal surveys (4).

Children who are hard of hearing will find it much more difficult than children who have normal hearing to learn vocabulary, grammar, word order, idiomatic expressions, and other aspects of verbal communication (5).

The number of children with disabilities, ages 6–21, served in the public schools under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B in the 2000-01 school year was 5,775,722 (in the 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico). Of these children, 70,767 (1.2%) received services for hearing. However, the number of children with hearing loss and deafness is undoubtedly higher, since many of these students may have other disabilities as well (6). Data by disability are not reported by the Department of Education for ages birth to 5 years.

These digital microchip driven hearing aids are the latest technology.

I have a campaign to fund my first 1,000 hearing Aids

I need you to help me raise $50,000 to pay for the hearing Aids I will screen apllicants and send Hearing aids to seniors who want hearing aids and cannot pay for them and have no health insurance co-pay.

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